Teeth that function well are often connected with beautiful smiles too. Chips, cracks, decay, or other issues can hinder a smile from performing its best and looking great.

Danner Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers a range of restorative and cosmetic treatments to improve oral health and give patients a beautiful smile. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Experience Quality Dentistry at Dr. Danner’s Practice in Oklahoma City

What sets our practice apart is our dedication to oral health. Before we can improve the way a smile looks, we make sure the foundation is well balanced and functioning as best it can.

Treatments we offer include: 

White fillings repair chips, cavities, and other minor issues with teeth. The natural-looking color easily blends with natural enamel, maintaining the patient’s healthy smile. 

Crowns are caps that cover teeth to restore dental structure and protect oral health. 

Fixed bridges replace up to three teeth in a row using a porcelain prosthetic. This restoration sits in place using two adjacent healthy teeth as supports.

Dentures are reliable replacements for patients missing up to an entire arch. We use high quality materials to provide a lifelike appearance while remaining durable for everyday use.

Full-Mouth Cosmetic and Functional Rehabilitation

After years of neglect, the entire dental system could suffer from failing oral health. At this point, bacterial infection is likely, and teeth show signs of significant wear, discoloration, or decay. 

To restore the smile, our dentist takes a comprehensive approach, detailing a strategy to address several issues under one personalized treatment plan. Our treatments generally encourage better oral health by eliminating the source of the damage and promoting a balanced oral environment.

Oral Surgery

Sometimes, a patient’s failing oral health may require surgical intervention to preserve natural bone and prepare for the future. Our practice offers extractions, bone grafts, sinus lifts, and other procedures to enhance bone health and preserve natural structures.

Dr. Danner is an experienced surgeon able to complete simple to complex surgical issues using the latest methods and techniques.

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Learn more about restoring your smile with Dr. Russell Danner. Our practice is dedicated to helping patients achieving better oral health through modern, practical procedures. 

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