Dental Technology in Oklahoma City, OK

Dental Technology in Oklahoma City, OK

Dental technology applies to many areas of dentistry, and dentists use advanced dental technology to improve the patient’s experience. Advanced dental technology helps dentists make more accurate diagnoses, which enables them to plan treatments that are more effective and comfortable for the patient.

The main benefits of dental technology include the following:

Improved Accuracy

Technology allows dental professionals to confidently and accurately diagnose and treat patients. The use of digital impressions, digital X-rays, and technologies like CEREC same-day restorations, for example, allows dentists to provide patients with the most precise, comfortable, and predictable care.

Faster Treatment

Patients are now treated more efficiently and comfortably thanks to technology. Today, dentists use advanced technologies such as lasers, digital imaging, intraoral cameras, and microscopes to plan and perform dental procedures. Lasers allow dentists to precisely target and treat hard and soft tissue problems without causing harm to the surrounding tissues. Digital imaging allows dentists to get a better view of the teeth, gums, and bones for more accurate treatment. Intraoral cameras allow dentists to take detailed pictures of the teeth and gums.

Reduced Radiation Exposure

Digital X-ray technology is one of dentistry’s most important technological advances. These radiographs are more sensitive to detail than films and expose patients to less radiation. 

Easier Patient Education

Using technology, dentists can better educate patients and show them how dental issues are diagnosed and planned. Dental technologies like intraoral cameras allow patients to clearly see the areas that need work. This way, patients can see for themselves what’s happening in their mouths. Patients can also see for themselves what the dentist in Oklahoma City, OK is explaining. This helps improve patient understanding.

Improved Tooth and Gum Health

Thanks to technology, dental problems can be diagnosed earlier and more accurately than ever. Early detection leads to less invasive and cheaper treatments, as well as more conservative treatment options. We’ll address issues before they become costly problems, also allowing you to save money and time.

Digital Imaging and Record-Keeping

Digital imaging technology makes it easier to take detailed images of the teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues, as well as view and transfer these images and keep records of them. Digital images are viewed on a screen and can be zoomed in as required. They are also easily transferable by email to other dental professionals or to patients for their personal records.

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