Laser Dentistry in Oklahoma City, OK

Laser Dentistry in Oklahoma City, OK

Laser dentistry involves the use of laser technology to perform a number of dental procedures. Lasers are very precise instruments that can perform several tasks, including:

  • Remove tooth decay
  • Prepare teeth for fillings
  • Remove gum tissue around teeth
  • Treat gum disease
  • Remove soft tissue growths

Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive way to treat a wide variety of dental issues. The technology is superior to several alternatives because it doesn’t require the use of drills, scalpels, or other tools. Lasers use different wavelengths of light to target a specific part of your mouth. Then, the lasers heat the targeted tissue, which can kill bacteria, release endorphins, and repair tissue. The result is shorter healing times and less pain and discomfort after laser dentistry treatments for patients.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry offers a number of benefits, including: 

Minimally invasive

Laser dentistry procedures are less invasive and require less anesthesia and sedation. The patient typically experiences less pain and discomfort with laser dentistry. Laser dentistry also leaves more of the healthy tooth structure intact so that you can avoid issues like nerve damage. 

Faster recovery time

Because the lasers cause less trauma, there’s less swelling, bleeding, and discomfort.

Less bleeding

Laser dentistry allows dentists to perform procedures quicker and reduce or eliminate bleeding.

Less swelling

Since lasers are used instead of drills, the patient will experience less swelling and be more comfortable during dental procedures.

Pain management

Lasers are used to reduce discomfort from canker sores and lesions, as well as gum and mouth sores.

Fewer visits

Laser dentistry is a faster way to perform many procedures, so it can also help you eliminate some visits to the dentist in Oklahoma City, OK entirely. For instance, for conventional cavities, patients usually visit the dentist twice, once to clean out the tooth and again to apply the filling. With laser dentistry, the procedure only takes one visit.

Better results

Laser dentistry offers a number of benefits over traditional dentistry. Lasers are more precise than other dental tools, which means that only the necessary tissue is removed. Lasers also seal off blood vessels and nerve endings, so the patient experiences less bleeding, less pain, and less post-treatment discomfort.

Reduced risk of infection

Laser dentistry is a highly efficient way to treat many dental conditions, and it can also reduce the risk of developing an infection prior to the procedure as it eliminates more bacteria and preserves healthy tooth structures.

What Types of Laser Dentistry Procedures Are Available?

Laser dentistry includes treatments like laser gum contouring, laser gum disease treatment, and even teeth whitening. Laser dentistry is completely safe, and most patients experience no side effects at all.

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