Platelet-Rich Plasma in Oklahoma City, OK

Platelet-Rich Plasma in Oklahoma City, OK

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a liquid substance made from blood. Platelets are integral to the body’s healing process and secrete different growth factors and proteins. PRP can be particularly beneficial in healing soft tissue injuries that might occur after dental surgery.

Use of PRP in Dentistry

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is used to treat a variety of oral conditions, including periodontal disease, receding gums, and oral ulcers. During treatment, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient. This blood is placed in a centrifuge that spins the blood at high speeds to separate the red blood cells from the plasma, platelets, and white blood cells. This plasma is then injected into the treatment area.

Benefits of PRP

Platelet-rich plasma is a treatment that uses the body’s own healing powers to promote faster healing of hard and soft tissues. Platelet-rich plasma is excellent for both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. 

Patients who have experienced trauma to the face or mouth will find that platelet-rich plasma is extremely useful in speeding up the healing process.

How Does PRP Work?

PRP is a concentration of your body’s own platelets. When your body needs to heal a wound, it releases platelets to start the process. Platelets contain growth factors, which are responsible for beginning the reparative process. When PRP is injected into damaged tissue, it releases these growth factors to begin the reparative process.


For the first few days after PRP treatment, the dentist in Oklahoma City, OK instructs patients to avoid brushing and flossing. It helps to prevent the risk of irritating the sensitive gums. Stick to rinsing the mouth out with salt water. Saltwater can help flush away any bacteria and soothe the gums.

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